Thursday, 22 October 2009

University Challenge

I have submitted these for a zine project from my ongoing series of drawings
I do watching and whilst keeping score on University Challenge!
Ha Ha!

Friday, 19 June 2009


"i commute" for two to three hours a day to get to University. i-get up at 6am and get a train to Preston arriving about 8.30. i-usually arrive home about 6.45. On my journey i-draw people in my sketchbook and i-am working on turning some of these drawings into finished pieces i-might publish in some future format. These are all images in development but see what you think?
i-have called the images i-commute because i-usually listen to my i-pod and sometimes i-write down the lyrics i-am listening to whilst i-draw...

Minutes 1 too

These are some of the page designs;

Here is the welcome page with a poem by Hilaire Belloc
called the Microbe - minute (as in tiny) geddit?

A Hidden Agenda(most meetings have one).

Type designed in minutes


A meeting going in only one direction?

Crash & Burn

Dark Days

Things the Chair said.

Things I draw in meetings and what they might mean?

Then if there are no further things to discuss... any other business:

The meeting ends... Thank the tiny Lords.

Minutes 1

Here is a poster I designed last year when I was feeling especially cynical about the number of pointless University meetings I was sat in rather than being able to do my own work. On a positive note I did get lots of drawing done in the meeting and decided to make a zine. That ended up being an A1 poster that I may make available to buy in the near future.

Research Day Seven!