Friday, 7 January 2011

Illustration migration

I decided that I should remove any references to my own work from the other blog I run prestonillustration as it seems like the wrong place for it. So I removed these two old pieces of work I did in early 2008 that were published in Transmission Magazine. Transmission is a Manchester based literary magazine, they will publish your illustrations but you work for free. I didn't mind working for free at the time as I just wanted to keep my hand in with a few illustration jobs whilst the course leadership was getting on top of me a bit. Also it has has some good writing
The first piece I did was called "Hiromi" and I illustrated a short story by Chris Killen.
Chris Killen now has a book deal with Canongate and his first book The Bird Room came out in January 2009.

The second piece, I am much happier with, was an illustration to a short story published in March 2008 by Mick Parkin and called "The Narrow Bed" which was set during the Spanish Civil War.
I had a very cool message from Mick thanking me and saying how much he liked the illustration too.

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